Rosyth Gala Day!

Scottish BMX School was invited along by local Charity Future Youth Scotland to carry out BMX workshops as part of the Rosyth Gala Day. The Gala day was a huge success, costing £28,000 to put on and thousands of locals turning up to support the local event!

We carried out two separate sessions throughout the day and had a great mix of skill levels within the participants. Using the basket ball court next to the skatepark we were able to provide walk in sessions for passing families. Many of the participants were excited and were keen to tell their friends about the newest tricks they had just learned. Resulting in more participants joining the session.

It was great to offer these workshops alongside Future Youth Scotland, a proper grass roots charity which has been instrumental in the development, opening and running of the Rosyth skatepark. As well as many other projects focused on respecting the youth of today and giving them the tools they need to grow. Colin the founder of Future Youth Scotland had this to say about Scottish BMX Schools workshops.

Thank you for being a part of our event, the kids that took part really enjoyed it. More than one of them, my boy included, stated that the BMX was their favourite part of the day. It had an additional effect of keeping the skatepark quieter, which is great for everyone’s enjoyment and safety. It complimented what we do perfectly. I’d love it if you wanted to come back next year. 
Enjoyable and accessible to all ages and skill levels, Scottish BMX School, Flatland skills workshops are a perfect way to introduce young people to an exciting sport and build confidence. Well done. 

Colin aka Coco – Founder of Future Youth Scotland

We have some exciting events on in June in the cities of Edinburgh and Dundee. If you are interested in using our accessible BMX lessons get in touch below for August 2024!

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